Never Liked School

First and foremost I’ve never been too fond of school. I always saw it as a requirement or a necessity to enter the job market or else you would wind up flipping burgers, so I pushed myself to go and make it thru foregoing the workforce in order to attend community college full time.

My mistake was I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Besides the simple retail job I didn’t know what talents I had or what I had to offer, so I picked the easiest major (Criminal Justice) thinking all I needed was a degree and a “good job”. One where I could just show up and get paid, but life had a lesson to teach me.

I barley graduated with my associate degree after 5 years or part-time study and surviving professors with ambitions of making their community college students Ivy league students. I graduated with a 2.7 after a stellar final two semesters in which my gift of gab carried me. When I graduated I expected to transition directly into the workforce with the respect that my Associate of Science demanded. I expected to be a supervisor and demand a livable salary, but Boston had other plans for me. When I went to enter the workforce we were in the midst of a recession and I was competing in a job market with in which graduates with Masters Degrees were competing for entry level positions. I didn’t stand a chance and it was beaten into me. I had quit my job and I had bills to pay so I took the first job that came my way which was an overnight security job watching oil tankers come in from Middle Eastern countries.


I hit rock bottom working that security job. I had worked security for 4 years prior to that position and the reason I went to school was to have a better life, but after I received this degree I was right where I started. School had made no difference for me, it was like I never went. I was registered to go to a State University to finish my Criminal Justice studies but I couldn’t get myself motivated to go, what had the hard work of the past 5 years brought me, the lost pay, being broke all the time, public transportation, the collections calls, and school loans. Why would I sign up for another 2 years of this while working the overnights and trying to survive on my meager salary. I quit school 2 weeks into the semester and walked away.


Quiting school was the best thing ever. I had all this free time that I didn’t have before. It was amazing! I played video games, I spent time with family, I went out. My only responsibility besides my bills was to go to work and the rest of the time belonged to me. I became productive. I started boxing one two weeks after I dropped out of college and I began to lose weight like it was liquid on coming off of my body. For the first time in a while I was in shape and working out regularly, I had a social life, but something weird started to happen.


I started to question myself was this it?  Was this what it was going to be? I looked around at my coworkers and saw the condition their lives were in they were constantly afraid of being fired, the supervisors at the job had them in their grips if they were scheduled to be off and they were short they would call them in and threaten to cut their hours.

One situation woke me up and told me it was time to go. I had saved up my money for 6 months while working there and purchased a vehicle. It wasn’t a luxury car it was a Honda with leather interior and a sunroof. My supervisors saw this and told me that they were paying me too much money. Everything changed from there. I started to get written up and threatened to be fired. Some of the write-ups were ridiculous and I challenged them. For example I was once written up for showing up too early for work. My shift started at 11pm and I was on the site at up 10:15pm in my car. I was told I showed up to client property to early and I had to sign the write-up. I refused and requested to be sent home and see Human Resources in the morning, and the write-up disappeared and turned into a unwritten verbal warning.

The unnecessary stress that the job put on me caused me to slip into depression. I questioned life. I didn’t know anything and I had dropped out of school, I felt like I didn’t have anything. They had me a position in which they could do what they wished with me, they cut my hours, and I struggled to survive on my meager wages. I had hit rock bottom. #ItsJustBUsiness